Lindsay Lohan has opened up to US Weekly in a frank interview, tackling problems over the past few years and earnestly promising that this time her clean up act will last. "I was lonely and I didn't realise it," she said, but apparently she's not now. 

"I want to be known as an actress, not a troubled starlet," She told the magazine. "People can think what they want, and the only thing I can do is prove them wrong." It really is difficult not to see her as that 'troubled starlet' she describes, having been arrested for drinking and driving as well as jewellery theft a few years ago. She's had a few stints in rehab and has, to date, done over 500 hours of community service. But, we're willing to believe her.

In the interview she brushes off her bad behaviour and puts it down to the ignorance of youth. "Kids go through ups and downs, try cigarettes, drugs and drinking. It's human nature." She said, "It took a while but it's like, What was I thinking? Why did I allow so many sycophants and bad influences to be around me? I was lonely and I didn't realise it... That's why I came back home to New York. I never feel lonely there. I can see my family and I have really good people in my life." LiLo has starred as Elizabeth Taylor in the recent biopic Liz&Dick to poor reviews, but she's also starring in the Bret Easton Ellis movie The Canyons alongside adult film star James Deen.