Lindsay Lohan is back at it again. By it, we mean her habit of outlandish, diva behaviour. This one is a bit weird though – weirder than LiLo’s previous exploit. The troubled star has reportedly been stealing clothes and jewelry from the set of Anger Management, on which she’s guest-starring soon.

According to TMZ, sources from the show’s set have reported that the star just decided to go clubbing one night, so she took a full outfit from the wardrobe department. When explaining herself, Lindsay stated that she had some sort of agreement with the producers and that it would all come out of her pay. Apparently, though, that deal was only in her head, as noone from the show’s management has confirmed that that was the arrangement.

Not only was Lindsay stealing (or borrowing extremely freely) from the wardrobe dept, but her co-workers claim that she was impossible to work with, "the biggest prima donna ever on 'Anger Management.'" Apparently she showed up two hours late to her second day of shooting, locked herself in her trailer, demanded to leave early and threatened not to come back.

Lindsay Lohan, LA Courthouse
Apparently even working with pal Charlie Sheen can't keep Lohan on the straight and narrow.

Sources say the crew actually applauded after Lohan left, calling her a “nightmare”. Sounds like the same Lindsay we’ve been hearing about for years now. The only thing we’re left wondering is, did she get to keep the clothes in the end?