Lindsay Lohan 's name has been cleared from recent jewellery theft allegations and Tmz have confirmed that she will Not be prosecuted. Nor will Suge Knight's son, Andrew Knight, whom Lohan was accusing of having stolen the $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses with. Sounds complicated? Well, that's because it is. The theft is alleged to have taken place at the home of Sam Magid, one of Lindsay's close friends.
Magid told the police that two of his pals had told him that Lohan had handed them a bag with a few of the stolen items wrapped in her t-shirt on the night of the theft. They returned the items to Magid, but others were still missing. Lindsay also told Magid that she had hidden some of the items around the house because she was worried that they would be taken by burglars. She reportedly confessed that she had taken Ambien (a prescription drug used to treat insomnia) at the time and was a little 'hazy' about what had happened. Yesterday (August 28, 2012), Tmz confirmed that Lindsay won't be prosecuted by the LA County District Attorney. This will be a huge relief for Lohan, who only recently completed her probationary terms for past misdemeanours. Luckily for Lohan, there was insufficient evidence to pin the theft on her.
According to Tmz, "none of the suspects" (including Andrew Knight - Suge Knight's son) were found in possession of the stolen items and the DA has rejected the case. We would suggest that life can get back to normal for Lindsay now but we're not sure that she knows what 'normal' really is.