Lindsay Lohan has finally responded to Charlie Sheen’s gesture, and what a gesture it was.

The Two and a Half Men actor wrote Lohan a check for $100 000 to help with her tax debacle, later putting her on blast for never actually thanking him for the cash. Days after Sheen commented on LiLo’s behavior, the Mean Girls actress sent flowers and a thank-you note. Well, it may have taken a while, but you can’t say that Lohan has forgotten her manners. Apparently, she broke her phone and lost her benefactor’s number, so she simply couldn’t get in touch. Suppose it is difficult to keep up with recent technological advances such as Twitter or instant messaging then.

With all the trouble heading her way recently though, Lohan could probably be excused for the little oversight. The actress is still facing misdemeanor charges for her car crash in July and could potentially be sentenced to a few moths’ jail time, so taxes really are the least of her worries at the moment. Sheen should probably be glad he got a thank you, even a belated one.

There’s no word on whether Lindsay will also be writing thank you to Scores, the high profile New York strip club, which also offered to bail the actress out recently. We’d sure like to see the picture on that card though.