Do not adjust your settings! This story has not been caught in a timewarp! Lindsay Lohan has been arrested again. Evidently, the Liz & Dick star is working her way through whichever minor offences she hasn’t quite made herself famous for and has now been arrested for fighting. Classy, Linds… very classy.

According to TMZ, Lindsay was at Club Avenue, in New York City and couldn’t quite manage to get through the night without some kind of drama. She’s clearly bored of driving her car into other people, other cars and inanimate objects and figured she’d go for a good old fashioned spot of assault this time. According to TMZ’s law enforcement sources, Lindsay got into a war of words with the girl, who was sat in a nearby booth. Lindsay allegedly said something along the lines of “give me my space,” and after a while, the exchange had descended into fisticuffs.

At the time that TMZ published their post, Lohan was still sat at the police station, after the cops arrived and arrested her for alleged assault. Whilst she’s there, perhaps they’ll be finalising the details of having her charged for lying to cops about her car accident in June. Lindsay told the cops that she was just a passenger n the car when the Porsche was crashed but they’ve sinced figured out that she was merely practising her acting techniques. And, like her Liz & Dick appearance… it wasn’t very convincing.