Speaking to the press, clutching an Yves Saint Laurent brief case with a rabbit foot attache, and looking generally smug with an aged face and far too obviously dyed hair, Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer (Mark Heller) said that all Lindsay needs is a bit of luck. 

Lohan hasn't been out of trouble for what seems like years now. From the law to her directors, producers and parents, she can't seem to stay in anyone's good books. She returned to court today in relation to the revoke of her probation in light of the escapade in which she crashed her Porsche and then lied about it to police. She had initially been on probation in relation to a robbery in 2009 for which she spent a matter of hours in prison before being released due to 'overcrowding'. She apparently sacked her lawyer (that has managed to keep her out of any real jail time over the past few years) earlier in the month, and her new lawyer, Mark Heller, wasn't even approved to represent the young star until this morning. Yesterday, reports stated that Lohan wasn't even going to show up to court due to ill health.

"Lindsay must have felt better and well enough to come," Heller said. Adding that he didn't think she thought she'd get a warrant for her arrest if she failed to come, and that he also thought the prospect would have been unlikely. Heller finished by describing Lohan as "great beauty and tremendous talent". Adding, "I believe all she needs in life is a little bit of luck." 

(TMZ Live)