Lindsay Lohan has found herself in another spot of bother. As well as owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS for outstanding tax bills- of which $100,000 Charlie Sheen offered to pay - she's a further $16k in the hole having not paid her monthly rent for a storage locker. Now, as well as Charlie Sheen, there are other philanthropists roaming the earth willing help young Lohan out: as TMZ reports, the New York strip club 'Scores' has offered to pay the bill... with one catch.  

No, they don't want her to strip for them, that'd be sleazy right? No, they want her to host 'chats'. It's unclear how many chats she'd host or what her actual role would be, but that seems fair game, right? A nice normal job for a nice normal girl, with a $16k payment, not bad. 

It's not just the storage locker outstanding debt that they've offered to pay, they've also offered to cover the rent on her Beverly Hills mansion for a few months- that's a lot of money. The locker is thought to be filled up with personal items and family heirlooms which will be going up for auction if Lohan can't cough up the dough to pay. It looks like she doesn't have a choice really.