Linda Evangelista wants $46,000 a month in child support from Francois-henri Pinault.

The model made an appearance at the Manhattan Family Court to ask for the amount yesterday (01.08.11), in a move Support Magistrate Matthew Troy noted would be record breaking.

He said: "That would probably be the largest support order in the history of the Family Court."

In addition, Linda she also asked for $80,000 a year for a nanny, but $7,500 she wanted per month for vacation expenses was immediately removed from the request.

However, the judge was sympathetic to her appeal, saying: "These are the extraordinary expenses that may be a part of the child's life.

"And if there is a trial in the support case with a lot of publicity, there will probably be a need for two detectives to drive this kid around."

Francois - the chief executive of PPR, the group which owns Gucci, YVES SAINT LAURENT and Bottega Veneta - has not paid any maintenance to four-year-old Augustin James since his birth.

However Francois' lawyer was quick to point out Linda did earn a substantial amount in the last year.

According to the New York Post newspaper, David Aaronson said: "She testified that she wants to have a 24-hour nanny because she does not want to be alone with the child. Miss Evangelista, you should understand, has a worth of more than $8 million, and she earned, last year, $1.8 million."

The 46-year-old beauty also revealed about her daily routine, adding on days she is not working she is always striving to have a good public image.

She told the court: "On days when I do not work, I am working on my image.

"I have to hit the gym. I have beauty appointments. I have to work toward my next job and maintaining my image just like an athlete."

Francois is now married to actress Salma Hayek, with who he has three-year-old daughter Valentina.