Linda Evangelista had managed to keep the identity of the father of her son, Augustine, a secret for four years - that is until Friday, when the father was revealed as Francois-henri Pinault, the husband of Salma Hayek. Linda Evangelista, who had previously claimed that the father was a 'New York Architect', had her secret revealed due to leaked court papers, as she is currently trying to iron out a child support agreement with Pinault, as Contactmusic reported yesterday. According to the New York Post, Pinault had an affair with Evangelista in 2006, when he was briefly separated from Oscar-nominated star Hayek, which resulted in both women falling pregnant in the same year.

A source from Manhattan Magistrates court told People magazine: "In the filing, it says the child 'was born out of wedlock to [petitioner] Linda Evangelista, 46, and that [Pinault] acknowledged [her] allegation.It says, 'It is decided that Pinault is the father of [Evangelista's son], Augustin James.'" The source went on to say: "All that's left is for a magistrate to go over the father's filings and make a determination of support, which will last until the child is 21, [Pinault] is asking to be able to testify by phone." The New York Post also reported that rumours of Pinault fathering Evangelista's child were circulating as early as 2007, with her rep from DNA management, Didier Fernandez, claiming that the rumours were 'untrue', and she had never said who the father was. It is still unclear how much Hayek knows about the cover up.