Fans of 'Hamilton', be prepared for your hearts to break a little as creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda announces his departure from the musical this summer. Never fear though, he insists he'll be back in his titular role of Alexander Hamilton in some future performances.

Lin-Manuel MirandaLin-Manuel Miranda set to depart Hamilton

The musical mogul, whose rap production about American history won no less than 11 Tony Awards on Sunday (June 12th 2016) as officially confirmed to reporters at Coogan's Irish pub in Washington Heights that he will be leaving the show to persue other projects, as understudy Javier Munoz takes over from July 11th. 

'I'm leaving because I have other opportunities that are going to need my mental real estate', he said, revealing that he plans to cut his hair having grown tired of his 18th-century long locks, but admits that he definitely hasn't grown tired of Alexander Hamilton. 'For people who will say, 'But I'll never see Lin as Hamilton!' - yes, you will', he added. 'I have written this insane part that I can't seem to get tired of, that is new every night... I think this is a role I will be going back to again and again. I know it feels like the end of the world to a very small number of people now, but I plan to revisit this role a lot.'

Plus, there are plans for RadicalMedia to film the stage production this month, which means 'Hamilton' lovers that have missed out will get to see it on their screens at some stage in the future. Frankly, a cheaper and much more widely available option.

As for what he's currently working on, he's set to star as Jack the lamplighter alongside Emily Blunt in 'Mary Poppins Returns' in 2018, and will also make an appearance in Dan Harris' 'Speech & Debate' this year. He is working on the soundtrack for the animation 'Moana', featuring Disney's first Polynesian princess, which is due out in November.

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Javier Munoz, who is taking over as Alexander Hamilton, previously took over from Miranda in his first musical 'In the Heights'; a show that is currently in talks to be turned into a movie. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda will perform his final show (for now) on July 9th.