Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has met celebrity resistance in his quest to date actress THORA BIRCH - her on-screen father Bill Paxton won't let him go near her.

However, luckily for Durst - who claims he dated Britney Spears earlier this year (03) - Paxton's objection is only in the role he plays alongside the AMERICAN BEAUTY star in the rocker's new video EAT YOU ALIVE.

Durst says, "I have prepared, in my mind, a beautiful performance area for her. I am hoping it will show her how much I want her and actually really like her. It's just in a sick sorta way.

"In the meantime, her father is hot on my trail and will not let me have anything to do with his sweet innocent daughter. He's rounded up some of his backwoods boys and hound dogs to get hot on my trail."

The video premiered on American MTV today (13AUG03).

13/08/2003 20:54