Lily Collins hasn't ruled out a pop career.

The actress can see herself following in her famous father Phil Collins' footsteps by making a move into the charts and thinks the best solution is to combine her two passions - movies and music.

The brunette told MTV News UK: ''I'd never say never, but I would like to do a musical movie where I get to experiment with that more, as acting is definitely my focus and my passion.

''Incorporating music would be quite fun I think and musical movies are definitely happening right now.''

Lily's first foray into music came when she recorded a track called 'I Believe (In Love)' for 2011 film 'Mirror Mirror', in which she played the lead role of Snow White.

Should Lily try her hand at pop stardom, she insists she wouldn't be another copycat artist and mould herself on singing superstars like Rihanna or Adele, but would simply be herself.

She said: ''I love Rihanna but I don't think you could be the next Rihanna... I love Adele but no-one could be the next Adele.

''I'd want to be the best version of myself and draw from all the artists that I really like listening to and create kind of a new type of sound.

''I just want to be Lily. I don't want to be doubling anybody because everyone is so awesome as they are.''