Lily Cole has a relaxed approach to beauty.

The 24-year-old model maintains a low-key beauty regime and prefers the natural look, especially when it comes to eyebrow grooming.

Asked what she steered clear of, Lily said: ''Tweezers. I never pluck, wax or touch my eyebrows. It's bushy all the way.''

The natural redhead has admitted that she keeps it simple by using all-natural products to achieve a healthy glow.

Lily explained: ''What you put into your body is as important as what you put on it. I down gallons of coconut water to keep hydrated.

''I used to mash up avocados but I don't think it worked.''

The model-turned-actress has also picked up tips from top make-up artists behind the scenes at photoshoots and catwalk shows since her career took off in 2003.

Lily told Teen Tatler magazine: ''Pat McGrath told me to always use my fingers when I apply products, like finger-painting at nursery.

''And Niamh Quinn taught me subtlety. Her mantra was: 'Wear make-up, but don't let the make-up wear you.' It's something I subscribe to.''