Bosses at animal rights group PETA have applauded Lily Allen for turning her back on fur - and making it clear she'll never wear real animal skin.
Fearing she'd be pelted with red paint as part of a PETA protest for wearing what looked like fur at a recent showbusiness party, the Smile singer made it clear she was wearing faux fur.
Allen said, "My coat isn't real fur, but it was bloody expensive. Cover me in paint and I WILL send you the bill."
But the pop star isn't on PETA's hitlist - the animal rights group approves of her stance.
Spokesman Michael MCGraw says, "We were surprised to see Lily Allen wearing what appeared to be a fur coat because we know her to be a big animal lover. So we were thrilled when she confirmed on (website) Twitter that it was indeed faux.
"Perhaps she's following in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham - a supporter of PETA's anti-fur campaign - who routinely has designers remake their furs in high-end faux for her."