Lily Allen is being backed by radio presenter Jameela Jamil over racism accusations.

The 28-year-old singer, whose latest video for her comeback 'Hard Out Here' features a group of black women jiggling their bottoms, hit back saying she did not choose the dancers because of their skin colour - and now Jameela is defending her.

The Radio 1 chart show host wrote on her blog: ''I can count four black girls and three white girls, not to mention Lily, who is fully involved in all of the licking, flicking and twerking.

''It is almost racist to discount the girls who aren't black. It's just a bunch of women from all backgrounds dancing provocatively as they have for years.''

The 27-year-old also doesn't believe the video used female exploitation as ''shock value in the guise of satire''.

She said: ''The whole video is such an obvious and outrageous parody. She is merely making the obvious point that women are exploited in music videos. Which of course they are,'' Jameela mentioned Nelly's 'Hot' and Ludacris's 'Area Codes' videos as existing examples.

She added: ''Some of you say that she has further perpetuated the problem by again sexualising girls and having them all twerking in slow motion with champagne pouring down their lithe bodies.

''But how else can you show what you are revolting against, without SHOWING IT?''

Jameela further argued: ''When we watch films about murder and kidnapping, we know that we are being shown the horror of an act. We don't expect Liam Neeson to just sit there for two hours and describe how bad it is... We need to SEE it. For impact.''