England don’t have an official World Cup song yet, but Lily Allen has attempted to remedy that with her take on the niche bubble of pop usually reserved for aging actors/rockers prancing around in budget productions.

Lily AllenLily Allen has offered up a world cup song for England

Allen’s effort differs from those rather depressing efforts, but is equally disheartening due its reliance on the ancient relic of patriotism in the absence of any real musical qualities. It’s all garage poppy. 

“Who gave you [William] Shakespeare? Who gave you melons?” trills Allen almost pointlessly. “We gave you Gazza [Paul Gascoigne], twisted your melons. God Save The Queen with a pint of lager. I've been around, there's no where I'd rather be. Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves. We've been doing this since way back in the day. (sic)”

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Allen unleashed the song on Twitter, saying: "My unofficial #worldcup song BASS LIKE HOME." She’s been in the news recently for basically lying about being offered a role in Game of Thrones. Well, according to her brother Alfie, but he’s actually in Game of Thrones so we’re inclined to trust him. 

The ‘Sheezus’ star alleged that she’d been offered a cameo role alongside her brother, but turned it down due to some incestuous content in the script. But Alfie – who was the subject of a rather vindictive song by Lily at the beginning of her career – denied that was true. 

"The only thing I'm going to say on that is that it's not true," he said in an interview with Vulture. "Gemma Whelan was always their first choice for the part. And she's fantastic. And that's the only thing I'm going to say about that."