Lily Allen's first song release in four years, 'Hard Out Here', has caused quite a stir in the public eye, even attracting the attention of Miley Cyrus.

The video attempts to mock all things pop-culture, from tweaking to plastic surgery, but it recently was accused of containing racist content.

The use of black back-up dancers' twerking has been met with allegations of racist undertones, which Lily has strongly denied.

Other controversy surrounding the video is that there is speculation the 28 year-old was trying to spoof Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' clip, but again, Allen denies this.

In a recent interview with The Mirror the 'Not Fair' singer revealed she is a fan of Cyrus and 'Bangerz' is one of her favourite albums of the year, calling her "funny, witty and clever".

Lily, who recently met Miley in LA earlier last week, said, "I'd never met her before so I couldn't say we are really great friends but I do really like Miley."

"She's funny, witty and clever, I love what she does. I think her and Lorde's album have had the most plays in my car this year. I never went on record saying the video was a direct pop at her - it wasn't."

Miley Cyrus
Allen admits to being a fan of Cyrus

To prove even further there was no bad blood, Allen posted a photo on her Instagram of her and Cyrus in LA, the caption read "Miley and me x x x".

The 'It's Not Me, It's You' shit maker also addressed if there will ever be a future collaboration between the two, "I love that girl more than anything. She's probably way too busy for someone like me but yeah, I'd welcome the opportunity to work with her," Allen said.

Watch the 'Hard Out Here' video below