Lily Allen has made it "clear" she wants to get married.

The pop star - who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper - admits the couple have no plans to tie the knot just yet but she has told her partner she would like to make their union official in future.

Lily - who is due to give birth in February - revealed she is still getting used to her pregnancy and the fact that people freely comment on her changing body shape.

She said: "The weird thing about being pregnant is that it seems to give people the license to talk about your body shape and say things like 'Wow you have got so big!'. Thanks, I always say, 'I'm embracing it.' "

Lily's sister Sarah Owen - with whom she has recently opened vintage clothing shop Lucy in Disguise - claimed that men are loving her sister's new body shape.

She said: "Men can't get enough of it. It's true. Especially older men."

The 'Not Fair' hitmaker has regularly hit the spotlight over her fluctuating weight and she admits her shape changes depending on her state of mind.

She added to the Daily Telegraph website: "In the end my size has always been to do with my general state of mind. If I'm feeling good about my work and everything else in my life, I could be seventeen stone and still feel beautiful.

"But when I've felt really tired, low and lacking in confidence I could feel sick looking at myself in the mirror. I've got this sticking out stomach but I've looked in the mirror and thought it was fine."