Lily Allen has re-emerged on the music scene after a four year absence.

The return was announced with the release of her latest single 'Hard Out Here', on Tuesday (Nov 12th).

The video for the track, directed by Christopher Sweeney, attempts to mock certain artists and aspects of today's pop culture.

The clip begins with Allen receiving liposuction and her manager commenting, "Jesus, how does somebody let themselves get like this?" Allen replies, "Um, I had two babies," referring to the singer's daughters being born in November 2011 and January 2013.

The video then breaks out into a Miley Cyrus inspired segment where Allen is dress in a skin-tight black jumpsuit and surrounded by sexy back-up dancers who begin to 'twerk' to the camera.

The new music clip also pokes fun at Robin Thicke's controversial 'Blurred Lines' hit song as Allen is seen dancing in front of silver balloons that spell out, "Lily Allen has a baggy p--sy."

It is a funny satirical video that also contains champagne pouring, money throwing and even Beats By Dre.

However, the 28 year-old is already receiving allegations of racism in the new clip, reports have surfaced online that the use of black back-up dancers suggests the video has racist undertones.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen has made an emphatic return to the music industry

One writer on Jezebel wrote, "Because it's satire a lot of people will argue that it doesn't count because intent is magic, etc. but ironic racism is still racism."

The British singer quickly released a statement via twitter to address these accusations, the lengthy statement titled, 'Privilege, Superiority and Misconceptions", was posted on Wed Nov 13th.

"1. If anyone thinks for a second that I requested specific ethnicities for the video, they're wrong.

2. If anyone thinks that after asking the girls to audition, I was going to send any of them away because of the colour of their skin, they're wrong.

3. The message is clear. Whilst I don't want to offend anyone. I do strive to provoke thought and conversation. The video is meant to be a lighthearted satirical video that deals with objectification of women within modern pop culture. It has nothing to do with race, at all.

4. If I could dance like the ladies can, it would have been my arse on your screens; I actually rehearsed for two weeks trying to perfect my twerk, but failed miserably. If I was a little braver, I would have been wearing a bikini too, but I do not and I have chronic cellulite, which nobody wants to see. What I'm trying to say is that me being covered up has nothing to do with me wanting to disassociate myself from the girls, it has more to do with my own insecurities and I just wanted to feel as comfortable as possible on the shoot day.

5. I'm not going to apologise because I think that would imply that I'm guilty of something, but I promise you this, in no way do I feel superior to anyone, except paedophiles, rapists murderers etc., and I would not only be surprised but deeply saddened if I thought anyone came away from that video feeling taken advantage of, or compromised in any way."

Watch the 'Hard Out Here' video Below