Singer Lily Allen has been branded "immoral" for tricking a pharmacist into giving her a contraceptive pill for a pal.

The Smile hitmaker reposted a shot from Benjamin Garrett's profile showing her friend with an emergency contraception 'morning after' pill and a pregnancy test.

Garrett, a musician who uses the stage name Fryars, wrote, "Birthday gifts from @lilyallen who had to pretend she'd had unprotected sex to get me a morning after pill."

However, the message has sparked criticism from several health experts in the pop star's native U.K.

Anne Scanlan, of anti-abortion charity Life, tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "I know for a fact that you have young girls going to chemists and pretending it's for them. If someone like Lily Allen is putting this sort of information out there, she makes it seem like it's a simple thing to do and that there's no problem with it, but no one should be taking the morning after pill without answering questions about their medical background. I think she's a role model and she should be setting a better example."

Roger Goss, from Patient Concern, adds, "The morning after pill can be useful and appropriate for some people in some circumstances. The problem with a celebrity doing it is that it then becomes indiscriminate promotion, you can't fine-tune it. It's immoral to pretend it's for you when it's not."