Lily Allen, the English singer/songwriter known for her single, 'Smile', has reportedly gotten new management. This comes in the form of AMA Manager of the Year, Scott Rodger, and Henry Village from Stack House Management. The news was first revealed by Billboard when they reported a cover story on a collection of UK managers that have teamed up to create Maverick, a new managing group, of which Rodger is a member.

Lily Allen
Allen left Rocket Management in June, and has just signed with two new managers.

In June, 2014, Music Week released a story confirming that Allen had left the Rocket Management company after six and a half years. Despite having her third studio album, 'Sheezus', reach the number one spot on the UK album chart, Allen was apparently unhappy with the choice of what songs were released as singles, leading to her departure.

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'Sheezus' was named as a nod to Kanye West's 'Yeezus' from 2013, and featured five singles. With her first album in five years released in 2014, Lily Allen seems to be back, and fully pursuing her music career. Considering the recent reshuffling of management, a fourth studio album could be on the way.

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Daughter of legendary British actor, Keith Allen, and sister of 'Game of Thrones' star, Alfie Allen, Lily Allen began her career when she met her first manager, George Lamb, in Ibiza. Lamb served as her manager for only a short while, until she signed with London Records in 2002. She left the label without releasing anything, however. After a brief career as a florist, Lily Allen signed with Regal Recording in 2005, and got to work on her debut studio album, 'Alright, Still'. The album was released on 13th July, 2006. 

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