Lily Allen thinks selfies are dishonest.

The 'Hard Out Here' hitmaker - who believes people who take selfies are hiding ''how they really look'' - credits the photograph method as helpful when it comes to her music career.

She told the Mexican edition of Marie Claire: ''I try to be as honest with myself as I possibly can be and hope that comes across with my music.

''Taking selfies is not how you really look like, is what you want other people to think you look like. That's what I try to apply to my music; not to take selfies.''

The 29-year-old singer also revealed that she likes to annoy people and feels that ''if you are not p***ing people off then you are not doing it right''.

Meanwhile, Lily recently admitted that she doesn't take selfies seriously and just started posting them for her fans.

She said: ''I like Instagram and recently I've gotten into the selfie because I understand that my fans are interested in what I'm wearing and how I've done my make-up or nails, so that serves a purpose.

''But I don't know why everyone is quite so obsessed with taking carefully posed pictures of themselves, then putting them on the internet. Mine tend to be a bit of a LOL; I don't take myself too seriously.''