Lily Allen has been admitted to hospital after becoming unwell following an appearance on Alan Carr's 'Chatty Man' talk show. The singer tweeted a picture from her hospital bed showing her connected up to an intravenous drip. Referring to the title of her new album - which has scored decent reviews - Allen said: "#SHEEzUS in #SHOSPITAL. I'm fine though guys, just need some fluids cause i can't keep anything down."

Lily AllenLily Allen Was Hospitalised This Week

Earlier she had uploaded a picture on Instagram of a number of empty bottles of water with the caption "#poisoned"

She later added: "hi there, still in hospital, still very sick, having some more tests, thank you for your messages."

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Allen fell ill after filming her interview with Carr, which is due to air on Channel 4 on Friday. She had hinted at illness before the chat, tweeting, "Prepping for chattyman feeling a little bit #QUEAZUS and very #SNEEZUS green juice emergency."

Later, she added: "I can't stop projectile vomiting, also temperature."

Allen has numerous major shows booked for the summer, including Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow, the Glastonbury Festival and Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks.

Earlier this week, Rhys Webb of The Horrors criticised the fact that Lily Allen's new album is being sold for just 99p to Google Play users. Webb told the Daily Star that the aggressive pricing plan was designed to boost commercial potential.

"Her record company have done that to give Lily a surefire Number One. Albums should be something that are there for a lifetime."

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