After a four year break Lily Allen arrived back on the music and landed in the UK's top ten twice.

The 28 year-old achieved a No.1 with the cover of Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know', and her own first official single 'Hard Out Here' earned the No.9 spot.

But despite these accomplishments, Allen admits that her new singles have been "rubbish."

The 'It's Not Fair' singer is already known for being outspoken, but it is not usually about her own music.

The revelation came when a fan tweeted Lily to inform her that the singer's latest singles, which include 'Air Ballon' and 'Our Time', haven't been the standard of her past work, and amazingly she agreed.

Fan, Reg Wilding tweeted, "@lilyallen's new music is actually docile pop rubbish. So disappointing. She properly just wrote some rubbish to cash some cheques."

Allen responded by posting, "@RFWilding what you've heard so far yes. All I can do is do my best, the labels and the radio stations won't play the better stuff."

The critical fan, who must have been surprised that Allen acknowledged him in the first place, replied, "@lilyallen Fair play, still gonna buy Sheezus see what the rest offers. I have faith! Chinese is one of my favourite songs of all time."

To which, the 'Smile' singer added, "@RFWilding keep the faith."

Allen's third studio album 'Sheezus', which is a nod to Kanye West's 'Yeezus,' is slated to be released on May 5th.

Watch Lily Allen's 'Hard Out Here' video here:

See the track listing for 'Sheezus' below;



'Air Balloon'

'Our Time'

'Insincerely Yours'

'Take My Place'

'As Long As I Got You'

'URL Badman'

'Silver Spoon'

'The Life For Me' 'Hard Out Here'

Lily Allen
Allen also brands her latest music as "rubbish"