Lily Allen can shoot milk "10ft" from her breasts.

The 'Fear' singer is currently nursing her two-month-old daughter Ethel Mary - her child with her husband Sam Cooper - and she has discovered she can fire milk from her swollen chest.

British journalist-and-broadcaster Caitlin Moran asked Lily on twitter: "What's your milk-pressure like? Can you use your ti*s like guns? I used to be able to hit things ten feet away."

To which the pop star replied: "@caitlinmoran are you talking about my let down reflex? if so, pretty good, yes 10 ft sounds about right. (sic)"

Lily, 26, also revealed she has been suffering from some of the other usual side-effects of breast-feeding including "leaking".

She tweeted: "I feel sick and I left the house without breast pads and started leaking all over myself at the #Wolsley .oh and I wiped out in the street earlier #glam (sic)"

Lily's honest motherhood tale disgusted one follower who asked why she'd "publicise" her "leaking".

The musician responded by saying: "What do you mean it's BEAUTIFUL !!!!! Boobs are not just #sexyfunbags , they be feeding implements too. (sic)"