Few could deny Lily Allen their best wishes after the "retired" pop star finally gave birth to her first child on November 25th, the singer and socialite overcoming the heartache that she and husband Sam Cooper suffered in 2010 when, six months into another pregnancy, Allen was rushed to hospital following a contraction of a viral infection - the ensuing pre-term delivery caused her to lose her baby.
No such tragedy this time round however and the 26 year-old has made contact with the outside world for the first time since the day of the birth nearly two weeks ago, taking on Twitter to thank her fans for their support. Tweeting on the microblogging site, she said "Thank you for all the flowers and lovely messages everybody. Very touching indeed. nuff luv x x" One of the celebrities who embraced Twitter early on in its inception, Allen has gone to amass a following of more than 3 million on her current account, having gained millions on her previous handle. Her gratitude set off yet more wishes of goodwill from as far afield as Russia, with one Tweeter commenting "Congratulations from Russia! We love you and now your baby too!!! Really want you to be always happy!!!"
Since taking a break from music in August 2009, Allen has been running the London fashion store Lucy In Disguise; it's hard to know what she'll come back to do after recovering from her birth however, though there are rumours that she'll return to music.