Lily Allen has hit out at the music industry following the flop of her comeback album 'Sheezus'.

The feisty 29-year-old singer claims those in charge are ''elder males'' who ''see women as weak'' as she tried to justify the poor sales of her third record.

She told PressPlay: ''The music industry is run mainly by elder males. It sits better with them to be able to assert their power and control over something that they see as weak and i think they probably see women as weak.''

And they weren't the only ones who came in for a tongue lashing, with Lily also blasting BBC Radio 1 for recently dropping her from their playlist.

She fumed: ''The truth is nobody knows what the f**k they're doing. They can pretend they've got a formula that works and [that] they 'know' they're exactly in control of the game but they're just not. No one knows.''

This comes after Lily recently admitted her songs weren't good enough on her third album.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Maybe the songs aren't good enough this time, who knows? I just know I can't wait to get back into the studio.''

Lily - who went on a musical hiatus between 2011 and 2013, during which time she had daughters Ethel, two, and Marnie Rose, 18 months and wed Sam Cooper - also blamed her advisors.

She added: ''I put my trust in other people, which I don't usually do. I usually go with my own gut feeling but maybe I wasn't feeling as confident as I have in the past because of all the hormones.''