Just hours after Lily Allen announced that she was leaving Twitter, she has returned, with a message to say that she wishes to "move on" from the race row debacle that erupted on her timeline this week. The original problem stemmed from Twitter user Harry Wilson (who states that he is a member of the British Army) who sent Lily a message saying "All the best with your new family just seen you bought s**t I mean adopted a child from Africa."
After she received the massage, she re-tweeted it and asked her followers for advice on how to report what she interpreted as a racist message. After reporting the message to the Ministry of Defence, the singer, who recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child, then received a number of message criticizing her actions and claiming that Wilson had been dismissed from the Army. Amidst the furore, earlier today, Allen posted a message saying that she would be leaving the site temporarily: "Ok I'm leaving twitter for a few days, hmmmm maybe hours, we'll see. The stupidity of some people on here is astounding."
The departure did indeed turn out to be just a matter of hours as Lily posted another message to say that she had received an apology from Mr Wilson. The message read "I have just received some flowers and a hand written apology from Harry Wilson, which I accept. I hope we can all now move on. Thank you." So, it looks as though Lily won't be leaving Twitter after all. This will be a relief to the singer, who was recently named one of the Top 50 Tweeters by The Sunday Times Magazine. Her raison d'etre may continue apace, it would appear.