Singer Lily Allen retired her outspoken pop star persona after the grief of a miscarriage forced her to change her views on life.

The Smile hitmaker sparked controversy in the early years of her career by picking fights with stars including Sir Elton John, Katy Perry, Amy Winehouse and Kylie Minogue.

This month (Nov13), she is launching a musical comeback after taking a three-year hiatus to start a family with her husband Sam Cooper, and she has revealed her baby tragedy in 2010, when her son was stillborn at six months, made her reassess her attitude.

Allen tells The Observer Magazine, "Before... this, before what happened to Sam and I happened, I was quite vocal. I complained about a lot of things. I feel incredibly lucky that I was able to grieve with someone I loved. There are women who have to deal with this on their own, so even though it was tragic, I knew where I was in the world and the people who were important to me and what mattered, and what didn't. The thing I took away from this was that I couldn't believe I'd ever complained about anything ever before in my life."

However, Allen also warns her critics she is considering a repeat of her previous outspoken antics now she is back in the spotlight: "I'm finally ready to complain again now."

Allen now has two children, daughters Ethel, who turns two this month (Nov13), and 10-month-old Marnie.