Lily Allen flouted the U.K. smoking ban once again during a gig on Friday (05Mar10) - despite suffering from a chest infection.
The singer puffed on a cigarette throughout her show at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England as part of her U.K. tour with rapper Dizzee Rascal.
Allen was forced to apologise for her off-key vocals, telling fans she had been struck down with bronchitis.
She said, "I've got a bout of bronchitis so sorry if my singing's a bit s**t. Not that it's any good anyway."
The Smile hitmaker was at the centre of an investigation by local authorities in Liverpool, England in December (09), after she lit up during a performance.
She also received a fine last year (09) after smoking onstage in Paris, France.
Smoking in public places in both Britain and France was outlawed in 2007.