It has to be said, Lily Allen is looking in pretty great shape at the moment. When she first rose to fame in 2006 at just 20 years old, there was barely an ounce of fat on her and no-one could possibly have made any negative comments regarding her weight. However, after a weight gain following a difficult period, the ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ singer was famously embroiled in a Twitter tiff with toxic Katie Hopkins, who had criticised the mother of two. "I quite liked her when she was singing and kind of interesting and then she went off to tell us all about being a mother," Hopkins tweeted, adding, "She was removing herself from the spotlight because she wanted to be a mother and that largely involved gaining two stone and looking pretty hideous."

lily allen bodyLily Allen was trim before the birth of her two daughters

Unkind words are Katie’s forte, particularly when you consider the catalysts to Allen’s weight gain. The star had previously suffered a miscarriage in 2008, causing her to spiral into depression. She met her husband Sam Cooper in 2009 and became pregnant, only to suffer from a stillbirth 6 months into her pregnancy. Allen finally managed to go full term with her daughter, Ethel Mary in 2011, followed by a second daughter, Marnie Rose in January 2013.

Following the birth of her daughters, Allen took a break from her music career to spend some time with her family and, we can imagine, get back on track mentally after what must have been a very tough few years. As is common with new mothers, Allen gained weight during her down period, although she can hardly be blamed for turning to comfort food after such a string of straining events.

allen weight gainAllen gained weight after the birth of her daughters

Allen had already started to drop the weight before Hopkins put in her chronically unwelcome opinion and most recently was spotted in New York looking slimmer than ever. Wearing leather tracksuit pants and a cropped pink t-shirt, it certainly looks as though she’s been strict with her eating regime. But what's been her secret to dropping the baby weight?  Did she begin to take her own sarcastic 'Hard Out Here' lyrics seriously when she sang, 'If you're not a size 6 then you're not good looking'?

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