Lily Allen had plenty to be getting on with this year already, after confirming that she would be making a return to music, including working on the score for the 'Bridget Jones' Diaries' West End' musical. However her life has altered yet again, with the singer and daughter of Keith Allen confirmed to be pregnant, having apparently been for her three month scan recently.
A source told the Daily Mirror "Lily has started telling her friends and everybody in her close circle is so excited for her." Allen is married to Sam Cooper, and the source continued "It was a surprise but Lily and Sam are thrilled. The pair of them have loved every minute of parenthood so far and wanted to expand their brood quickly. So it's great timing." Indeed as much as a surprise it was, Allen's apparently been equally stunned at how long it's taken the press to realise. "Lily was sure people were going to cotton on to the fact she had a pregnancy bump but she seemed to get away with it thanks to wearing very baggy clothing," the source continued "Her bump has popped out very early - far earlier than the last pregnancy. She's been joking she feels six months pregnant already."
The news is further good news on the baby front for Allen, who had her first child a year ago after losing a baby n 2010 when six months pregnant and also suffering a miscarriage back in 2008.