Review of URL Badman Single by Lily Allen

Lily Allen's return to music has been eventful to say the least. She managed to garner plenty of negative attention online for her allegedly racist video for her Platinum single 'Hard Out Here', but she's out to boldly show she doesn't care about criticism from ruthless 'keyboard warriors' with her newest single 'URL Badman'.

Lily Allen URL Badman Single

The track opens with playful, music-box like tones before the steady drum beat kicks in and Lily begins to express her apathy over her frequent criticism. As usual, she's talking about real, contemporary issues in her uniquely comedic way that forces you to listen all the way through.

The dreamlike, psychedelic hooks dissipate with the arrival of the echoing chorus. The song seems to explode with synth whirrs and dubstep bassline - it's pretty cheesy in all honesty, but it sort of doesn't matter as it only adds to the humour. Despite this, there's another incredible catchy melody from an artist who has always been a master at creating sing-a-long tunes.

Of course, 'URL Badman' is another example of a genuinely carefree attitude and hilarious rhyming: 'I'm a London white boy rapping ATL/ Keyboard Warrior that can't spell/ I don't like you, I think you're worthless/ I wrote a long piece about it up on my WordPress'. It's obvious to any listener that Lily Allen's not one to take herself too seriously and the addition of weird sheep noises at the end are just laugh-out-loud appropriate.

It's always difficult to critique someone whose music feels like a bit of a joke; though perhaps that's criticism enough. Even so, Lily's impressively fast and flawless vocals and her insistence of tackling modern issues deserves respect in itself.


Holly Williams

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