Lil Wayne is planning to take a break from music to focus on his passion for skateboarding.
The hip-hop star admits he has grown tired of rapping and fears he may lose fans if he doesn't disappear from the music scene for a while, so he is planning to take a hiatus.
He tells U.S. radio station Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, Georgia, "Being me, I always feel like I ain't done nothing (sic) yet, so I'm always looking for the next thing to do. It does get pretty boring when it comes to just the rapping and all that type of stuff. I've been doing it since I was eight and I'm about to be 30 in September..."
The Lollipop hitmaker goes on to reveal he will use his time off to indulge his favourite activity, adding, "I picked up the skateboard and I thought it'd be a hobby and what happened is it's a lifestyle. You have to be fully committed because it's super scary. In order to be fully committed you have to live that lifestyle... It's kind of putting rap on the back burner.
"I think I deserve that. I think fans deserve a little-to-no Wayne. I've been everywhere. I've been out on everybody's song. I'm still on everybody's song. My artists have been doing awesome. I believe the fans deserve some peace from me. So I'll be on my skateboard in the meantime."