Rapper Lil Wayne is recovering from his recent mid-air medical emergencies by taking seizure medication.

The hip-hop star suffered a pair of dramatic health scares last month (Oct12) after experiencing seizure-like episodes on two flights, which were both grounded so he could be taken to hospital.

Wayne has now revealed he is taking pills to prevent a relapse - an admission he was forced to make after he became overheated during an interview in Louisiana.

He told MTV, "Please let them know that I have an air unit, but because of the sound, they don't want the air on, so it's super hot in here... I don't want y'all to think I'm on nothing, man. I'm on seizure medicine. That's all."

The Lollipop hitmaker's new health regimen also requires him to keep well hydrated. He adds, "They said I gotta drink four water bottles a day, that's what the doctors say. I just came from the doctor. I ain't drinking four water bottles, but everything's good."