Less than a year after he was initially reported as suffering from seizures, Lil Wayne's hospitalized again. He has been taken back to the medics amid fresh reports that he’s once again suffered an attack.

You might recall that, last year, a flight that the rapper was on had to be grounded after Weezy started suffering several seizures. At the time of the seizures, the MC was flying from Texas to Los Angeles. However when he began to convulse it forced the plane's staff to act and execute an emergency landing in Louisiana, whereupon the star was subsequently taken to a nearby by hospital. After that, he admitted that he had been taking anti-seizure drugs. It doesn’t look like they’ve worked too well though; either that or the issue is something far more serious than first thought.

According to TMZ, Wayne suffered new seizures on Tuesday night (March 12, 2013) after shooting a music video in Los Angeles, and was subsequently taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital. Weezy was released several hours later, early on Wednesday morning, and is apparently doing much better now. There has been no comment from the rapper or anyone in his camp. These are worrying times for the star though, given that his new album I Am Not A Human Being II is out on March 26, 2013, which should mean all-manner of promotional work surrounding it. Right now though the focus has to be on working out what’s wrong.

Lil Wayne

Troubling times for Lil Wayne