Lil Wayne thinks Kanye West is a ''genius''.

The 'Lollipop' hitmaker has defended the controversial rapper and insists he's willing to back up anything Kanye does after being left dazzled by his recent 'Yeezus Tour'.

Speaking to Elliott Wilson for his CRWN series, Lil Wayne said: ''I rock with anything he does. That man's a genius. He did a whole show with a mask on.

''When he came out with the mask, I was like, 'This n***a crazy,' so then two songs go by, 'This n***a crazy, he still got that mask on.' That's crazy as hell ' y'all know I couldn't do no s**t like that.

''I found myself out of breath in that b***h. Now you know that's a show.''

Lil Wayne - who is the founder of record label Young Money Entertainment - also explained why he stopped referring to himself as, ''The best rapper in the world'', after signing Drake and Nicki Minaj.

He said: ''I have awesome artists, simple and plain. At that time I didn't have that, I [didn't] care who on the mic. But now I have artists [and I say], 'I want you to be better than me.' Yes. I want everybody to feel like they're the best at what they do. It ain't about that now, it's about us.''