Rapper Lil Wayne has added a women's wear line to his clothing company Trukfit.

The Lollipop hitmaker launched the company last year (12) and his Young Money recording artist Chanel West Coast will serve as a featured model for Trukfit Juniors, according to AllHipHop.com.

She says, "I'm so happy to have joined the Trukfit team. Fashion, Hip Hop, and skating culture are a big part of my life, so coming to be a part of the Trukfit family felt just right for me.

"The girls line is super sick, and I'm hyped to be reppin' (sic) it! Looking forward to the future with my Trukfit family."

Lil Wayne adds, "When I created Trukfit, I wanted it to have something for everyone. Now my female fans can get their Truk (sic) on too. I'm psyched to have my artist, Chanel West Coast, involved, as she personifies what Trukfit Juniors and this life is all about."