Lil Wayne's 'I am Not a Human Being II' ''isn't rushed.''

The 'Drop the World' rapper recently completed the second in his series, and admits its predecessor - released in 2010 - was rushed as he was jailed for possession of a weapon.

He told MTV: '''I Am Not A Human Being II', that's what I'm workin' on right now, actually I'm finished.

''The difference between this album and the last 'I Am Not a Human Being' would be the music wasn't rushed.

''Last time the music was rushed because I had to Take That eight-month vacation on that island so we had rushed the music, but this time we didn't rush the music.''

Wayne spent eighth months in Rikers Island prison in New York over the weapons charge, during which time 'I am Not a Human Being' was released.

Wayne has previously said he wrote an album of ''Love Songs'' during his time inside, although he warned: ''It's my version of love songs. And what I mean by 'my version of love songs' is that they're not saying, 'I love you.' They're know.''

'I am Not a Human Being II' will be preceded by a single, 'My Homies Still,'' but has no set release date at present.