Six days after being admitted to hospital for further seizures, Lil Wayne is apparently still healing up in Los Angeles, though Yahoo! claims that the situation isn’t quite as life threatening as TMZ were making out, when they wrote earlier today (March 18, 2013) that he was still in intensive care.

According to an insider who spoke to Yahoo! the rapper is still in hospital but is expected to be released shortly, continuing to say that he was never near death and there was never a prayer circle set up for him. Further to that, a rep for the rapper said "Lil Wayne is doing well, thank you for your concern.”

TMZ had earlier reported a much grimmer scenario, saying that the rapper was under close surveillance from hospital staff and was still in intensive care. Apparently Wayne had received a gamut of visitors too, from Nicki Minaj to Birdman and Drake. It’s believed that this latest seizures has come from Wayne’s use of codeine, with doctors apparently having to pump the star’s stomach three times. This is the second time that Wayne has been in hospital for seizures; last year a flight he was on had to take an emergency landing after the rapper started going into convulsions, causing him to be hospitalized there. He’s had a long history of codeine issues, though recently had suggested he had given up the prescription drug.

Lil WayneLil Wayne near-death reports have been played down by his rep