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Elle Women In Hollywood Awards 22nd Annual Celebration

Liana Liberato - Elle Women in Hollywood Awards 22nd Annual Celebration held at the Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 20th October 2015

Liana Liberato
Liana Liberato
Liana Liberato
Liana Liberato

3rd Annual Unlikely Heroes Awards Dinner And Gala

Liana Liberato - A variety of stars were photographed as they arrived to show their support at the 3rd Annual Unlikely Heroes Awards Dinner and Gala which was held to Benefit Child Victims of Sex Slavery at the Sofitel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 8th November 2014

Liana Liberato
Liana Liberato
Kat Deluna, Erica Greve and Liana Liberato


Liana Liberato - A variety of Hollywood stars attended the 21st Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, United States - Monday 20th October 2014

Liana Liberato

ELLE's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

Liana Liberato - A variety of Hollywood stars attended the 21st Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, United States - Tuesday 21st October 2014

Liana Liberato
Liana Liberato

People Magazine 'Ones To Watch' Party

Liana Liberato - A variety of up and coming stars took to the red carpet for the People Magazine 'Ones To Watch' Party at The Line Hotel in Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 9th October 2014

Liana Liberato
Liana Liberato

If I Stay Review


Based on the Gayle Forman novel, this teen weepie is wrenchingly emotional and packed with girly fantasies. But the characters and situations have a lot more earthy honesty to them than this summer's other big adolescent tearjerker The Fault in Our Stars. It may be just as relentlessly sentimentalised, but the issues involved are faced with a lot more grit and realism, so the film earns its sob-inducing emotions.

Set in Portland, Oregon, the story centres on the Hall family. Parents Kat and Denny (Mireille Enos and Joshua Leonard) are former rockers who have mildly toned down their wild ways as they have raised their children: 17-year-old Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) and the younger Teddy (Jakob Davies) to be independent and artistic. Although Kat and Denny are rather taken aback by Mia's obsessive love of classical music and prodigious gift with the cello. Then Mia is shocked to discover that the cool rock-god Adam (Jamie Blackley) at her high school is interested in her. As their relationship develops over the next year, it hits a few bumps along the way. And it's during one of these bad patches that Mia is in a life-threatening car crash with her family. In an out-of-body experience, she watches everyone react to her life-and-death situation, wondering, "Should I stay or should I go?"

Which of course would be a much better title for a rock-n-roll movie than this one. Never mind, since the film is structured as a peeling-onion of flashbacks and out-of-sequence revelations, Mia's conundrum is genuinely complicated, in a movie sort of way. But then everything about this film exists only in the movies, most notably Adam, the most perfect boyfriend in the history of cinema: a bad boy musician with a deep soul, open emotions and thoughtful reactions. He has so clearly been devised to appeal to the teen-girl audience that it's occasionally a bit ridiculous.

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The Best Of Me - Official UK Trailer

Dawson and Amanda are living the life of the typical movie love story - they spend their time enjoying long summer days and nights together, until events conspire to break them apart. Dawson is arrested and goes to jail, leaving Amanda to live out her life without him. After being called to the funeral of an old friend, the couple meet each other for the first time in twenty one years. The couple begin to ponder the idea of letting go and moving on from your first true love, as they are dragged together into a relationship which also pits them against the same forces that drove them apart in the first place. The romantic drama spans decades, showing that some loves can truly last a lifetime. 

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The Best Of Me Trailer

Dawson Cole is a high school student who, unlike his peers, prefers his own company rather than anybody else's. He doesn't have girlfriends, and he has very few friends altogether, but when he meets the very pretty Amanda Collier, he finds himself longing to be around her. The pair embark on a passionate, uninhibited romance, but when Amanda's wealthy father finds out about the sort of boy she's been fraternising with, he's determined to end it. Wanting what's best for Amanda despite his breaking heart, Dawson leaves town only to meet his teenage sweetheart again 20 years later. The pair find themselves falling in love all over again, only they are much older now and life is much more complicated. Has their childhood passion withstood the test of time? Or will they have to part ways for good?

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If I Stay Trailer

When one day the most scary thing you can contemplate is an important cello recital at Juilliard and the next you are fighting for your life, you're bound to feel a little messed up. Mia didn't realise just how much she had; her close family, her amazingly cool and loyal boyfriend Adam and a sparkling future in music; until a fateful family car journey in the snow forced her to see. She finds herself having an out of body experience, looking over her comatose body in hospital with her family and friends surrounding her. She understands that she is going to be an orphan with a future more uncertain than ever, but those who love her have to convince her to come back to them nonetheless. Will she brave it and return to the world? Or is it really her time to leave?

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Stuck In Love Review


Far too tidy to be believable, this multi-strand romance holds our attention with a warmly comical tone and a watchable cast. But it's only entertaining as a bit of escapism, because the various relational entanglements are far too contrived for us to identify with them. A looser, messier approach would have made it a lot more involving.

The action takes place over the course of a year. Bill (Kinnear) is a noted novelist who stopped writing when his marriage to Erica (Connelly) ended. Even though she's now married to a fitness instructor (Joiner), Bill is waiting for her to come back to him. Although he's engaging in a mindless fling with a married neighbour (Bell) in the mean time. Bill and Erica's daughter Samantha (Collins) has just published her first novel, but has sworn off romance. Then she meets the persistent nice-guy Lou (Lerman). Meanwhile, her teen brother Rusty (Wolff) is finally working up the nerve to speak to his crush Kate (Liberato), who has both a cocaine problem and a bully (Schwarzenegger) of a boyfriend.

Writer-director Boone lets each character introduce themselves with the first line from the book of their life, and the litrary theme continues in almost every scene as they continually discuss their writings and their favourite books. Very quickly, this begins to get on our nerves, as if Boone is reminding us that nothing we're watching is actually happening: it's carefully orchestrated fiction that draws on real-life emotions to tell a series of implausible love stories. Aside from Kinnear and Connelly, who are strong enough actors to convince us of almost anything, none of the interaction feels remotely realistic. 

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Stuck In Love Trailer

William Borgens was once a highly regarded novelist, however after a heart-breaking divorce with his wife Erica who left him for a younger, more handsome man, he hasn't been able to write a single word. He just spends his days thinking about the time they had together and spying on them through their windows. His pretty friend-with-benefits, Tricia, who is also divorced, does her best with her sometimes overly honest opinions to force him to get back to dating. Meanwhile, his promiscuous and cynical daughter Samantha is having her first book published while struggling to come to terms with the idea of love and still refusing to speak to her mother after she left her father, and his son Rusty, who is also an aspiring writer, tries to show one troubled and vulnerable girl that he is the guy for her.

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Action And Intrigue In New Aaron Eckhart Movie Erased (Trailer)

Aaron Eckhart Liana Liberato

Aaron Eckhart stars in Erased, a new action thriller about a former CIA agent who now works for a security firm. He is unwittingly marked for assassination, along with his estranged daughter Amy (Liana Liberato) and the movie follows his attempts to secure freedom for his kidnapped daughter. It soon emerges that the situation has arisen because of a global governmental conspiracy and the pair are forced to go on the run to flee their assailants. With no one to trust, it seems that even his closest friends are trying to kill him. As he tries to get to the bottom of the trauma, he uncovers some uncomfortable truths along the way.

Watch the trailer

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Erased Trailer

Ben Logan is a seemingly well-respected former CIA operative working at Halgate Security Systems. His life seems to be going great with him even gaining contact with his estranged daughter Amy. However, when he drops into work one day, something doesn't seem right; his floor seems to have been completely cleared out and his boss informs him that all his records have been erased showing that he does not and never has worked for them. It is soon revealed back at Virginia's Central Intelligence Agency that he and Amy have been marked for assassination in what appears to be a global governmental conspiracy. Ben is forced on the run with his daughter and struggles to hide or trust anybody with spies everywhere; even his closest friends are trying to kill him. Things take a turn for the worst when Amy is taken and Ben is forced to face them while uncovering some shocking truths along the way.

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Trust Review

Even though this film has a deeply disturbing theme, one of the most frightening things about it is the way it continually threatens to turn into a revenge thriller. But the filmmakers have something much more involving - and wrenching - in mind.

Will and Lynn (Owen and Keener) are parents of three lively, independent-minded kids. Peter (Curnutt) is just heading off to university, 14-year-old Annie (Liberato) is starting high school and Katie (DeButch) is still too young to understand much of what happens next. Annie is chatting online with Charlie, a teen in another city who slowly becomes her closest confidant. So she's a bit startled when he confesses that he's 20. Then 25. Then he agrees to meet her and turns out to be closer to 35 (Coffey). But he loves her and makes her feel beautiful.

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Liana Liberato

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