A video shot by a fan at One Direction's concert in Manchester, England on Sunday night (04Oct15) shows the stars apparently embroiled in a dispute while Harry Styles was singing.

Screens at the side of the stage focused on Harry for his solo before cutting to Liam and Louis, catching what appeared to be a tense disagreement.

Liam was seen grabbing his bandmate's neck and shoulders and appearing to say, "Stop it".

Louis then elbowed his way out of Liam's grip and walked out of view.

However, a representative for the group insists the spat was in good humour, telling Mirror.co.uk, "This is clearly just banter, they are obviously just messing about on stage. Anyone that has seen the band perform will know this."

The band's world tour is due to conclude on 31 October (15) in Sheffield, England.

The pop stars plan to go on a break in March, 2016 following the release of their next album Made in the A.M. in November (15).