As rumours swirl around the relationship status of One Direction's Liam Payne, the teenage pop star himself has moved quickly to quell rumours that he's quickly moved on from his recent split with Danielle Peazer with Leona Lewis, admitting that the pair have been for a drink but that he didn't want to hurt his ex-girlfriend by jumping straight into another relationship. The Metro reports that the 19 year-old told the print edition of The Sun that he hoped to remain friends with Peazer.

"Danielle is great" he opened up. "I really hope we can still be friends". He also revealed that he'd been in touch with her recently, saying "I bought her a car for her birthday, but she really isn't fussed by money or fame." He also recalled a time where she wouldn't ask for money from the star to get her hair dyed, even though she couldn't afford it.

Rumours about Lewis and Payne stem from reports that the pair got together when the 27 year-old was giving him career advice, but according to a source rumours that they're an item are somewhat embellished. "To call it dating at the moment is a little far down the line" the insider said. "They've seen each other a few times."