Liam Payne denies rumours that he is currently dating 2006 X Factor winner Leona Lewis in a recent Twitter post.

'Okay bored of constant news articles... I'm not dating Leona ... My YouTube channel isn't for a solo career and I didn't insult Kim k...Pow!', the One Direction singer posted on November 26th 2012. Liam, 19, and Leona, 27, were wrongly assumed to be dating for a few months with reports suggesting that they even shared a dressing room while performing on 'Children In Need' and asked not to be interrupted. The 'Bleeding Love' hitmaker made further suggestions that they were an item in an article in The Sun. 'You'd be surprised how much we have in common', she reportedly gushed. 'He's great. We see each other when we can. It's very flattering to get compliments like that. It's cute... I'm not saying [we're together]. I'm having fun and enjoying myself.' Reports even said that the boy band star was currently bulking up to impress his new girlfriend for a vacation they were to take together.

Liam also denied insulting reality star Kim Kardashian after apparently telling You magazine: 'I think of it like this: there are a lot of people who get paid a lot for doing not much at all-you know, like socialites who get paid for appearing in reality shows. But what we earn we earn for doing an awful lot'. These poor 1D guys just can't escape the tabloids!