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Right..... Can wolf packs turn into bloodthirsty human killers? From personal experience i can tell you that getting stuck by lightning poses a greater risk. Can someone stow 200 snakes on a plane and then set them off on the passengers and crew, thereby bringing down the plane? Not likely. Can gigantic alien robots from another planet wage their personal war on earth? Its just a movie. Most people are intelligent enough not to believe everything they see on screen... The only people that this portrayal of wolves truly affects is a bunch of fundamentalists and also people who are SO ignorant and alien to the true nature of a deep rural environment, that a little fear of these animals might prove to be self-preserving should they ever actually find themselves in one. Those of you who are quick to condemn trappers for killing wolves, i can assure you that the VAST majority of us who are forced into situations where we must hunt these majestic animals, do not do so light-heartedly. When predators attack and kill our livestock, thereby depriving us of our means to feed our families, we must take measures. Some of us don't have the luxury of having a supermarket on every street corner. In fact our world so vastly differs from yours, that i personally take offense to the fact that your judgement is based on a sheer ignorance. And no, traditional hunting does not prove to be a viable option as wolves are extremely elusive prey. When traps are set, we proceed as responsibly as we can. They are checked morning and night and animals caught are quickly dispatched so as not to prolong suffering. Furthermore, none of the animal is wasted. Pelts are harvested and the meat is consumed by both humans and dogs. What is left is given to the local Native community for further use. Yes, i did say dogs. The same animals YOU own and must feed. Where do kibbles come from? Mostly from animals. Animals more often than not kept in horrific conditions and mass slaughtered so that you can feed your dogs. You have the luxury of not looking into the eyes of the animals that feed you and your pets before they die. But you are awfully quick to condemn those who do must make that eye contact and steel their heart against what they must do. Every time you crack a store bought egg open, you support animal cruelty that is at a level that completely eclipses trapping... Several years ago, I was in Los Angeles visiting family... A couple of months prior, a mountain lion had been spotted in the area and had killed a few cats and dogs (thankfully no humans). The community had been in an uproar because the authorities had attempted to capture the cougar in a cage for weeks, but to no avail. Finally, the game wardens were forced by the community to track the animal down and shoot it. How is this different?

Posted 3 years 11 months ago by ThePhilosopher

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