Many false reports are published about celebrities, but it is rare a high-profile star is questioned over his religion, but this recently occurred to Liam Neeson when it was rumoured he was thinking about converting to Islam.

Liam Neeson
Neeson is not confirming to Islam

While attending the 'Taken 3' premiere in Dubai, the Irish actor adamantly stated he has no plans to leave his Roman Catholic beliefs despite media reports suggesting he was changing religion after filming in Turkey.

"No, I'm not converting," Neeson said in an interview with Al Arabiya News.

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News first begin circulating about the 62-year-old actor thinking about becoming a Muslim back in 2012, and this was recently resurfaced in an article published by The Daily Mail.

During his time filming 'Taken 2' in Turkey, Neeson reportedly told The Sun that the Islamic prayer "got him into the spirit."

"The call to prayer happens five times a day, and for the first week, it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit, and it's the most beautiful, beautiful thing. There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning, and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim," he added.

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Neeson clarified to Al Arabiya that he did not suddenly feel the need to convert to Islam at that time, but he did become quite fond of the Islamic prayer, which "was an annoyance because it was waking me up. But later I looked forward to it every day."

The Oscar-nominated actor also squashed speculation whether there is going to be a 'Taken 4' or not, as he said, "I feel it's the end of the series; the poster's tagline ("It Ends Here") even says so."