Well, looks like Liam Hemsworth’s days as a sugary teen heartthrob are drawing to a close, after the actor was embroiled in fisticuffs with an unknown man on a Philadelphia street.

If your typical Disney starlet’s way out of “pop sensation” status is leaking nude pictures online, Hemsworth went for an altogether more violent approach when The Hunger Games star was caught on video throwing punches in Philly, TMZ reports.

The incident reportedly occurred on Sunday morning, but it wasn’t until Thursday that the footage was leaked. The grainy footage shows Hemsworth lashing out at a man, outside a Philadelphia bar, after the actor thought that the stranger had thrown a rock at him and his friend. He then proceeded to punch the man in the face and hold his face to the pavement. Not really a classy move there. I have to say Hemsworth doesn’t really look like he had it in him. Maybe he was just trying to match fiancée Miley Cyrus’s new found edge? If that’s the case, there’s an internet saying that would be quite apt here: you’re doing it wrong.

Policemen later showed up on the scene, but the fight was already over and no arrests have been made. It is still unclear if any charges will be raised against Hemsworth.