Liam Gallagher wants The Smiths to reform.

The Beady Eye frontman would love to see Morrissey and Johnny Marr end their feud and rejoin Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce for a tour, which would be the Manchester band's first shows since they broke up in 1987.

Liam admits he got into the 'How Soon Is Now?' hitmakers through his older brother Noel - who he has barely spoken to since the guitarist quit their super-group Oasis in August 2009 - and thinks they have got some great songs that deserve to be heard live again.

The 'Second Bit of the Apple' singer told the new UK issue of GQ magazine: ''I'd like to see The Smiths. I never seen them - I weren't a big fan - but I know all the f***ing songs because my brother was into them. I remember when they split up, man. People were proper running around like headless chickens in Manchester. They got a lot of tunes, man.''

Liam - who went to watch The Stone Roses several times on their reunion tour in 2012 - still insists he has no urge to reform Oasis, and admits the relentless questions about a reunion with Noel do get tiresome.

The 40-year-old musician - who released new album 'BE' with Beady eye this week - said: ''The Oasis thing (annoys me) really - but you've got to answer it haven't you, or else people think you're up your own arse? They keep asking about Oasis when we're trying to talk about this. But the minute you go, 'We're not talking about Oasis,' people just go, 'You knob.' ''