Liam Gallagher preferred to keep drinking than have a conversation with his brother Noel.

The warring siblings - whose rows caused the break-up of their former group Oasis in 2009 - met after the Olympics Closing Ceremony last year at a party, and though the encounter was ''pleasant'', they had little to say to one another after Liam mocked his sibling's celebrity friends.

Liam said: ''It was alright. I wasn't that p***ed, I'd only had four bottles of champagne but I thought I was pretty pleasant. I said, 'What did you make of that then, you f***er?' And he went, 'Uh yeah, it was alright.'

''Then I said, I seen your mates there, they said to say 'hello' and he went, 'Who' and I said, 'Take That,' and he went, 'Urggh'. That was it and I turned my back and had a drink and then everyone was going, 'Here y'are, speak to him,' and I said, 'Nope, I'm having a drink,' and that was it.''

Though Liam has settled his differences with many former Britpop rivals, including Suede's Brett Anderson, he thinks his brother has taken burying the hatchet too far following his duet with Blur stars Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn last month.

In an interview with ShortList magazine, he said: ''I bumped into Brett at my kid's school. I don't mind him, he used to have a pop at me and I used to have a pop back but you get older. At least I'm not cuddling Damon Albarn and doing gigs with him.''