Liam Gallagher prefers John Lennon to Sir Paul McCartney.

Although the Beady Eye rocker is a huge admirer of both Beatles legends he says his alliances will always be with the late John, because he was so ''mad''.

Liam - who used to be in Oasis with brother Noel - told NME magazine: ''John Lennon means everything to me. I wouldn't say he's a better songwriter than McCartney, I'd say they're both different but great. But I like Lennon's stuff more because it's a bit more beautiful, and it's more mad.

''McCartney's like Noel - he's too nice. Lennon was twisted and I like that kinda shit. His voice is the main thing I love. I like his speaking voice! That's pretty fucking mega. But his voice when he sings is the one. Political voice? Don't give a shit, couldn't care less about politics. But everything else - his singing voice, his songs, and his words - means the world to me.''

Liam says nobody has ever managed to touch John when it comes to songwriting but thinks The La's' Lee Mavers has come closest.

He added: ''As a songwriter, I don't think anyone's touched Lennon and I don't know if they ever will. Lee Mavers could have got near but he went down another road. Our kid's good but he lacks that fucking madness that Lennon had. He's a normal chap who writes decent songs, and Mavers was too mad.

''But Lennon had all that and more, and then he went somewhere else with it too. It's a constant thing with him, and I don't think I could ever get bored. You get bored of Lennon and you get bored of yourself, don't you? And I ain't getting bored of me.''